SG MATI, Oxbow Lake

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Sungai Mati, also called Oxbow Lake, is located on the outskirts of a small town in Muar. But over here we know that, there is neither river nor port. Oxbow Lake sounds like the once a glory of the small town. During the 19th century to the early 20th century, the river flows of this Muar river is one of port development and is also the main system of the river. But then because of Muar river diversion, river has become a "dead river", the urban population have moved Muar late development.

The river has thus concluded that is a dead river, but is still survive because it's has the vitality of the othes which is the need to irrigate crops as far to 9 kilometer around the river , making it the largest wetland in Peninsular as a natural ecological environment, known as "oxbow lake ecological zone."

In the middle of the Oxbow lake, there is a small island, locally known as "Pulau Menarik". This island is addition to plant some oil palm, rubber and other economy crops, there are also a large rice fields, this scenery is beautiful combine with sunset.  If you wait for the harvest of the paddy, the field will be full of golden wheat, is magnificently beautiful. It's like God's masterpiece of art.

Here you can ride a bicycle, kite flying, enjoy the scenery of nature, and enjoy sightseeing of rare migratory birds in the field of leisure. It is a good place for people to spend time


Address Sungai Mati, 84000 Muar, Johor Malaysia.
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